On this website you can see the scale models  and helmets  which I have in my personal and private collection from former racingdriver Jos Verstappen and his talented son Max Verstappen.


Select Jos Verstappen or Max Verstappen in the menu to see the models and helmets by year. There are still models on the workbench and on my wishlist so please come back for new additions.


Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact me.



Jos Verstappen collection:
Models: 91 / Helmets: 17

Max Verstappen collection:
101 / Helmets: 42

Latest addition(s) Jos Verstappen collection



2023 - Wevers Sport Racing Rally Hellendoorn

2019 - Pagani Huayra Legends Parade

Latest addition(s) Max Verstappen collection



2024 - Season 2024 helmet
2022 - Red Bull Racing RB18 GP Abu Dhabi